How It Works

We help educators bring more life-enriching experiences to elementary school students.

Who was your favourite teacher in elementary school? Perhaps it was one who helped you in a time of crisis, or one who was always in a great mood, or one who made all the little things seem fun, or maybe one who made learning easier for you?

Great educators help shape who we are and what we become. They devote their careers to fostering all of their students, through curriculum, sure, but also through challenging formative years. So many go above and beyond, taking time outside of paid duties to provide additional learning opportunities – field trips, music groups, clubs, sports teams, and creative and performing arts.

An innovative funding model to create experiences.

The Morgan Foundation will provide the funding required to run all experiential learning activities for the 2023-24 school year at St. Thomas More Catholic School in Kingston. We expect this amount to be approximately $20,000 for the first year.

When families are notified about these activities, and asked to give permission for their child to participate, they will be made aware of the per-student cost and that the cost is covered by The Morgan Foundation. Families who wish to donate that amount, a multiple of that amount, or a lump annual or monthly sum, may do so at any time.

Donations throughout the school year will provide for future activities to keep The Morgan Foundation sustainable and expandable to additional schools. Donors can choose to be anonymous and will be issued a charitable tax receipt.

Measuring impact.

We will be working closely with the educators and administrators at St. Thomas More Catholic School to learn as much as we can. We will be measuring the number of experiential learning activities and the number of participants to better understand if and how this funding mechanism has encouraged educators to offer new experiences and the impact it has had on students.

We will also be seeking feedback from students, educators, families and other community members. We expect that changes, developments, and improvements will be made as we learn.

Throughout the year, we will share what we’ve learned and continue to encourage school community members and all of those who loved Morgan to make donations.

Our intention is to bring The Morgan Foundation to more schools in Kingston and beyond in the coming school years.

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